If you have Hari Mouse, you do not need a tape base anymore. Small HariMouse is office, shop, factory, so., to be active in The leading role in tape sticking is always a black Mouse.


Apply clear tape with one hand, and when you are done, the tape is cut automatically, so your hands are always free, Thanks to this feature, speedy repeated applications are easy, The cut tape ends are straight, The Harimouse is very convenient, even if you only use a little tape each time, There is no waste, as you apply the tape exactly as intended, Your hands never touch the tape so it is very neat and clean, The HariMouse is very small, so it never gets in the way on your desk, and it is small enough to put in your pocket, making it very portable, In the office, the HariMouse can be used to seal envelopes, sort receipts, scrapbooks, data materials, or designs, and join graphs or drawings, In a shop, the HariMouse is useful for posters or pamphlets, and attaching labels, price cards, or business cards, At home or in schools, in the workshop or for sorting items, its use depends only on your imagination, You can open the HariMouse with one touch, making maintenance or tape replacement very easy, When using mending tape, youcan write on the tape applied, The fantastic HariMouse will certainly become an essential stationery item.

Body size: W 96 mm x H 60 mm x D 29 mm : Weight: Approx. 55 g
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